The New Mood on the Block | SeMood Café Brings New Flavor to Portman


SeMood (西木) Café is part of the ever morphing and changing culinary scene in Ningbo, which has slowly started cranking out unique settings with quality food and ingredients. Tucked away in a row of shops along Caihong North Road across from the Portman Hotel, the cozy little eatery has quickly become our favorite lunch spot.

Run by a husband and wife team, SeMood serves pasta, sandwiches, desserts and Chinese fair, but the main draw is their salad bar. Here you can choose from a menu of their pre-made salads or make your own. Either way it’s a win-win because its all healthy and all good.


Our favorites out of the diverse – think pumpkin and squash spaghetti or penne alla carbonara – pastas and sandwiches, SeMood’s Chicken Basil Spaghetti and Black Pepper Beef Baguette, are the things to get. The “basil” here is actually a creamy pesto sauce with thin slices of tender chicken intermixed, very light and tasty.


The Black Pepper Baguette is equally amazing. Once again, the bread here isn’t a baguette so much as it’s a toasted bun. Formalities aside, what makes it great is the succulent pepper beef, thinly sliced and spiced, balancing wonderfully with the mayo, melted cheese, and squash (a welcome addition to the all-too-common tomato and cucumber found on most sandwiches).


Another good thing SeMood has to offer is freshly squeezed juices. We tried their tomato pineapple concoction and were quite pleased: what could have been overpowered by tomato was a wonderful mix of tang and sweet, refreshing and healthy too.

As SeMood is young but yet, the staff is still getting a handle on things. Although the food is done up quick and without much fuss, we had to ask for eating utensils to be brought out. When our meal was over, we asked for some of the meal to be boxed up. After waiting they informed us it had been thrown away by mistake.


Besides these little missteps, the food is great and the staff is learning as they go along. Quite soon they’ll be serving meat pies by request, so look out for those cause they’re rockin’.


SeMood Café | 西木咖啡馆

Hours | : 11:00 AM-9:00 PM | 11:00到21:00
Address | 地点: 143 Caihong North Road (Across from Portman Hotel and China Construction Bank) | 彩虹北路143号
Contact | 电话: 18858096161



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